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The Chinese & Thai cuisine is phenomenal in every way, thanks to the awesome flavours of the sweet and sour essence that they bring to the table. Here, at Chopsticks Gloucester, we give you the perfect opportunity to have some of the most enticing flavours from the Chinese & Thai kitchen. Let’s take a brief insight into what you can expect from our table. You can get off the line with some of our incredible Appetizers like Chopsticks Mixed Platter, Crispy Aromatic Duck, Mini Crispy Spring Rolls, Large Crispy Spring Rolls, Sesame Prawn Toast, Crispy Onion Ring etc. You can also have some of our Soups in the likes of Chicken & Mushroom Soup, Thai Tom Yum Soup, Crab Meat & Sweetcorn Soup, Chicken & Noodle Soup, Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup, Hot & Sour Soup etc. These would help you get rid of melancholy and uplift your mood at one go. Next, you should have a serious look at some of our signature items like Happy Four Seasons, Double Happiness, Golden Crowned Fried Rice, Thai Spicy Chicken Fillet, Eight Treasure Chicken etc. To get the most out of them, you can combine them with some of our Seafood Dishes like King Prawn with Ginger & Spring Onions, King Prawn with Satay Sauce, King Prawn with Garlic Sauce, Salt & Pepper King Prawn, Szechuan Hot & Spicy King Prawn, Chop Suey King Prawn etc. Besides these, there are tons of other items from the Chinese & Thai kitchen, only to make their way to you upon your arrival. So, visit us today to have the best dinner ever.


About Chopsticks Gloucester

We take your Chinese & Thai dinner to a whole new level by implementing some of the most exclusive spices in our kitchen. The fact that all of our dishes are a consequence of our constant efforts and experiments, makes them even more unique on their own. You would surely be able to appreciate the dishes that you pick up from us. To make the journey even smoother for you, we have our home delivery services right at your disposal. You can simply download our app for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and start selecting the best dishes without any limitations whatsoever. You can order directly from right within the app and it would only be a matter of minutes before you get your food in its most pristine form right at your doorstep. We would always work towards making your dinner at our place truly remarkable an experience.


Restaurant location Chopsticks Gloucester

We are located at one of the most important parts of the city, here at 76 High Street, Gloucester, GL1 4SR. This place works wonders for us since we are able to carry out our services from here in a perfect way. This mainly has to do with the great traffic and transport facilities that prevail here at our place. Yet, if you find it difficult to locate us by the side of the street, you can open our app for instant GPS support. Try us out today and get the most out of your dinner.

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